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Welcome to Small Town Mama! I created my blog as a creative outlet, and to see just how far I could go on my own. I’m here to support fellow women, and document the journey along the way.


Somewhere between a housewife and boss, there’s me. Growing up, I watched the women in my family change their roles to suit the needs of their family. Some years they worked. Some years they stayed home. Some years they worked, went to school full time, and baked for elementary school parties in the process. 

Like my role models, I value education and career over most things. I have a strong desire to help and educate, so I became a public school teacher. Things were never easy on a teacher’s salary, so budgeting and finance became an unexpected passion. Along the way I met my husband, got married, and became pregnant. 

My pregnancy was rough, and I was so unprepared for the changes it brought. My body was different. My brain chemistry was different. My role was different. This lead me to make a decision I never thought I would make. I became a stay at home mom (cue dramatic music). 


I put my life back together after the birth of my child. I’ve gotten my body back and taken charge of my finances all while staying home to raise my baby. This made me realize when my health is good, my money is in order, and I have the support I need to be a good mother, the rest of my life is a joy. It would make my heart soar if I could show even one person how to bring that joy into their own life. 


To provide the reader with empathy and support in parenthood.

To provide financial resources.

To provide the best information to reclaim your health. 

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Elizabeth at Small Town Mama