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When I first started looking for work as a stay at home parent, I came across quite a few scams (which is my next article). If you Google “make money at home”, a plethora of get rich quick programs will show up in the page results.

After reading countless reviews and researching multiple programs, I got pretty good at spotting sketchy claims. Palfish, and teaching platforms like it, are by and large very legitimate.

The Bad

Let’s start with the worst of it. If you can get through these cons and still be interested, Palfish may be for you!

  • The app is built for IOS users. I am an Android user personally, and I’ve never had an issue. However, plenty of Android users report frequent errors.
  • You teach on Beijing time. Typically the best hours to teach are the hours we in America are sleeping. I live in the Central Time Zone, so Beijing is 14 hours ahead. Peak hours for me are 5-7 am and anytime after 8 pm.
  • This platform has recently changed their requirements to teach in the official kid’s course. Before, all you needed was proof you were a native English speaker. A new law in China recently passed that mandates all teaching platforms like Palfish to require a TESOL or TEFL. You can usually find a certification course on Groupon for as little at $19.00. The time it takes to complete certification varies from person to person and which course you choose. You can get certified in as little as 6 hours. It is additional time and effort, but think of it this way. If you wanted to try different platforms (such as VipKip, iTutor) in the future, you’ve already done the work! *This does not apply to those with valid teaching licenses. Your license number is all you need to apply. You do not need additional certifications.
  • The pay is monthly.
  • If you are a no show to class, or you are late, your pay is docked. Honestly, that seems fair.
  • It’s private education. This isn’t necessarily bad, you just have to remember you are providing a service to a client. You need to sell yourself so the parents will keep choosing you as their child’s teacher.

*** Side Note: Palfish only pays out to Payoneer. It’s similar to PayPal. If you use my link at the bottom of the article, you’ll earn $25. BOOM! Certification paid for!

The Good

On to the exciting stuff! These are the reasons I chose Palfish, and why I continue to teach with them, as well as make money at home!

  • You set your own schedule. For the official Kid’s course, you have to teach at least 7 lessons a week, but you choose when those classes are scheduled.
  • The teachers get bonuses for being on time and for perfect attendance.
  • Teachers get a bonus if a free trial student purchases the course from you.
  • If a student is a no show, you still get paid!
  • There are training videos everywhere. You can find them on the app, on the Facebook page, and on YouTube.
  • Teachers can earn $22 and hour.
  • The classes are only 25 minutes long.
  • Everything can be done from your phone or tablet. No equipment is required.
  • You get a bonus when you sign up to purchase props for class.
  • Most of the students are polite and focused.
  • Teachers can create their own lessons and live classes to sell.
  • If you are not TESOL or TEFL certified, you can still do Free Talk. With Free Talk, you set your rate of pay and schedule. People call to have conversations and get pointers on how to improve their English. Adults can use this feature, so it’s advised you only take audio calls till you trust your students.
  • The official kid’s course (not Free Talk) is completely scripted. Teachers should review the slides before class, but there is virtually no prep time or lessons to grade.

I hope this has been helpful! I have enjoyed working for Palfish and I hope you give it a shot as well.

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