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Learn the Bare Basics Of Search Engine Optimization

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SEO was (and at times still is) a mystery to me. When I first jumped into blogging, SEO was one of the major things every successful blogger says you need to master. SEO is search engine optimization. In, short, the way your site is set up, your content keywords, even the way your pictures are labeled affects where your site ranks.

Not the “What”, it’s the “How”

I can’t remember the last time I looked at the second page of a Google search, so to get traffic to your site, you always want to be in the first search results. Understanding what SEO is isn’t that complicated. The how part is where I start to get a headache.

You see, Google is kind of a big deal, so the way they sort search results is what most bloggers study. The problem is those algorithms change. Just when I think I have a good grasp of Google SEO, something changes and I have to update my knowledge.

Staying on top of those changes are integral to your blog staying relevant.

To run a successful blog, you must edit your titles, content, and picture tags to reflect what Google is looking for. Once You have your site and content built, it’s not too overwhelming. To a newbie like me, it caused me to quit before I began.

When It Clicked

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It really clicked for me when I remembered all the professional development I attended as a teacher. I used to research and watch training videos on my own time as well. I became pretty proud of my teaching skills, and my students were by and large successful.

This only occurred because I was willing to grow. I didn’t save any materials from year to year because I knew by the next school year, there would be better ways to do everything.

It was hard. It was time-consuming. But that’s what creates successful people. Learning new skills and building upon the old ones are what you have to be willing to do in order to rise above your obstacles.

Next Steps

If you’re just starting like me, you have a lot to learn, more than I can write in one article. I won’t let you walk away empty-handed, so below are basic steps to better understand SEO.

  1. Start a Pinterest board just for SEO information. This has been a lifesaver. New and improved SEO guides are being published every day. Information on this topic is vast and complicated. Compiling your resources will simplify your life.
  2. Find an SEO course, preferably made by a blogger in your niche. Hands on learning and guidance will deepen your understanding in a way that independent research can’t always accomplish. There are both free and paid courses offered by many successful bloggers. How much you’re willing to invest is up to you.
  3. Become familiar with plug-ins. There are free SEO plugins that work for you behind the scenes of you blog. The main plugin you’ll want to research is Yoast for WordPress.
  4. Keywords are what Google is looking for. Find a keyword tool so you know what keywords to use in your titles and content. You don’t have to change your content per se, but rewording your work to be more “Google friendly” will improve traffic numbers. I suggest Google Keyword Planner or KeywordTool.io.

You’re Never Done

In a traditional career, you can never stay stagnant. Most people pursue higher education, apply for promotions, and attend training regularly throughout their working years. Starting a blog should be treated with the same determination. Even if this is meant to be your “side hustle”, approach it as if it’s your second job. As with most things in life, the moment you stop growing, the rewards stop as well. Blogging does get easier, but you never officially know what you’re doing.

What separates the people who give up and the people who find success is the willingness to learn.

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