newborn baby swaddled

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Whether you’re a last minute person or an over planner, every parent has that, “crap we should have brought that”, moment in the hospital. Here’s my list of must haves and money savers you should bring to the hospital.

Bring a medicine kit.

Not for the mama to be though. The doctors need to be aware of all medications to assure there are no drug interactions. Your spouse, however, will probably need something along these lines during the many hours of labor.

Your nurses will hopefully be angels, so if dad to be has a headache, they will definitely bring him some Tylenol….. for $15 a pill. Remember the medicine kit! Check this one out for $12.98.

Bring Snacks.

The hospital vending machines charged $2.50 for a water and $3.00 for Poptarts when I was in labor. The cafeteria wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t cheap. I would have lost it if my husband had left during labor to stuff his face.

In the past, laboring women were not even allowed to eat till after they gave birth, but many doctors are coming off that rule. So bring protein and fluids. Check this healthy snack care package out for $19.99.

*If you need medical interventions for your birth, it’s best to just stick to the ice chips. A full belly and anesthesia can cause complications.

Get a belly band, like yesterday.

This is one of my favorite post baby items. I had a regular old vaginal birth, but I still felt like my guts were going to fall out. I have new sympathy for cesarean mamas. I bought mine to bring down the swelling after birth, but I LOVED it for the support it gave my still huge belly.

Fun fact: You may still look a few months pregnant at your 6 week check up. The belly band helped flatten my pooch, smoothed me out under my clothes, and gave me a comforting “held in” feeling till things become more normal. This is the one I used

Bring cute, flowy pajamas.

Pregnant woman and two sets of hands holding her belly.

I didn’t think this one through. After I gave birth, the nurses asked if I had my own nightgown I’d like help changing in to. I was taken off guard. The baby was out, but the nurses were still looking in my nethers every few hours, and I was heavily bleeding. Did they really think I needed to ruin my own clothes? No, thank you!

Then every distant relative we hadn’t seen in years showed up snapping pictures of me in my see through hospital gown! The mesh diaper and rubber bottomed socks made it especially stylish. Once I got my clothes back on, it was a relief. It was a comfort I didn’t know I’d want. I promised myself with the next baby, cute pajamas were a must! I’ve been eyeing this robe for pregnancy number 2!

You’ll need diaper rash cream.

Newborn baby yawning

Let’s not get into what might be going on with your own butt after birth, but your baby can get quite raw. I remember looking at my newborn’s butt and thinking, “He just got here. How does he already have a diaper rash?” One word: Meconium.

Meconium is the baby’s first poop. It has a sticky tar like consistency. Sensitive baby skin + tar poops = red baboon butt. Before you ask, of course the nurses can bring you rash cream, but go back and read what I said about Tylenol. Go ahead and get the big size, you’ll use it.

What were your necessary hospital bag items? What would you tell your pregnant self to bring to the hospital?