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Below is a growing, changing list of parenting resources that can be found scattered in my articles. I will continually add and update this page as I find things to make your job a little easier!

The Ultimate Mom Life Workbook

This is my personal creation. When I first came home to be a stay at home mom, I used my organizational skills to create multiple schedules, timelines, and goals. It kept me focused and and helped me become the best version of myself. Now I’ve compiled those schedules to serve other parents who want to create the best version of themselves too! The workbook includes recipes and shopping lists for two weeks, a cleaning schedule, exercise goals, financial blueprints, and more.

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Children Learning Reading Program

This is an early reading program designed for both new and struggling readers. Whether you’re trying to prepare your little one for kindergarten or trying to get a slow reader up to grade level, this is a great program to look into.

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Reading Head Start Program

This program is slightly more expensive, but way more interactive. The program includes short movies, games, lessons, and activities to keep your child’s attention. Your child will enjoy the more active style of teaching and you’ll enjoy the fact your child is learning.

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The next few items listed are from my hospital bag article,

Healthy Snack Kit

Pack healthy snacks for you and your spouse during the long labor.

Medicine Kit

Come prepared to treat your spouse’s nervous stomach, and let the doctors take care of you.

Belly Support

You’ll need belly support long after you give birth. Get a belly band that lifts and shapes your body. This is the one I used.

Maternity Pajamas

Your own clothes will provide a comfort you may not even know you will want after an exhausting birth. This robe is gorgeous and comes in multiple colors and patterns.

Diaper Rash Cream

Just get the big size, Mama Bear. You won’t waste it.